Asian American Machine LLC - Used to work for them.


I used to work for them. They were a complete and total sham.

They would quote one price and once the truck was loaded and en route they would call the customer and jack the price up and name any excuse under the sun. They would send me to collect checks because the owner and secretary were too afraid to do it on their own. All of their equipment is ancient and ALWAYS breaks on the job. I was their mechanic and they would NEVER let me fix the issue BEFORE it broke on the job.

But after the third time I figured it out. They would charge the customer for the downtime. One time a ball joint broke on one of our forklifts (on a job site in Ontario, CA). I told the owner that we should have replaced it two weeks prior as it showed signs of MAJOR wear.

He said no. It worked then so there was no reason to repair it. All the parts would have cost us (in the end they HAD to be replaced) $168. In the end it cost us roughly $4,000 and an extra day on the job site.

When the "certified operators" are on the job they take no regard for items or products. We had one operator that actually gave a *** (besides me). I worked for Caterpillar before this company so I was certed through them.

They paid very poorly (quoted you a certain hourly wage then said... "oh we don't feel you worked those hours") How can that be when I worked the same hours as the other riggers?

Asian American Machine LLC stole my money


I paid Asian American Machine LLC $ 10,750 to remove an electric motor from inside of a building in Snowflake Az and after they only worked 2 days they left the job site and kept my money, they sent me an e-mail saying that I was going to get a refund and I was going to get my money back but I never did, they left in a hurry because while they were working removing my motor the removed pipes with asbestos even when I and the onsite project manager told them not to, people should never do any business with Asian American Machine LLC also know as Asian American Machine Movers & Logistics, they are from Baldwin Park California and this is their web site people be careful

Monetary Loss: $13956.

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